As testing is becoming more complex, its value is becoming more pronounced. With Quad ATF you increase test coverage and reduce the time-to-market which improves not just the testing costs, but also the network quality.


A rigorous and automated test solution which provides both end to- end testing – including protocol trace and system log analysis – while offering full access to the systems under test.

We enable Operators and Product vendors to gain maximum from their engineering resources, be it hardware or human. Test cases can run in sequence or in parallel and the results are published in the centralized GUI. Our Automation team also provides end-to-end consultancy services to help in migration from Manual test strategy to Automated one.

Quad ATF is a product designed to forget about complex, code-based tech-lingo. Quadified enables you to design automated tests with the flick of a click. Test cases are built with functional blocks that do all the hard work. You simply click drop down menu elements to capture and define the test cases.

Key Benefits

Improved Quality & Cost Reduction

Time & Quality are crucial for any MNO but by using Quad ATF, MNO’s can achieve top quality in record time while optimizing overall resources and costs.


Quad ATF provides the ability to execute tests 24/7 on multiple machines simultaneously, allowing complex and long regression testing to be executed in a fraction of time. Upgrades are faster and value-added enhancements will get to your customer faster.

Improved Testing Accuracy & Coverage

Mistakes in manual testing are very common, especially for repetitive tasks. Quad ATF can perform basic or complex tests exactly the same way every time you run them. The solution can be used in parallel with manual testing to ensure the best quality and any testing environment.

Global Testing

Quad ATF is designed to be used in multiple locations and can be integrated in many different network environments. This allows operators to perform roaming tests, fraud detection or inter-operators test like never before.

Protocol Analysis & Powerful Reporting

Signalling tracing, analysis and validation are essential for high-quality testing. With this feature Quad ATF can analyse the entire protocol stack on a bit level. With fully intuitive reports and logs following each test case, the root-cause of a problem can be immediately discovered.

Centralized Management System

Quad ATF CMS offers a central point of work for all MNO locations. With our Cloud solution, you can create/run/verify test cases from anywhere in the world, regardless of where your tests are running.

Mobile Device Automation

We automate the latest Android and iOS smart phones without any specific software on the phone, without any rooting or jail breaking enabling

Remote WEB UI Phone Control

Take control of your tests and manually control your devices with the Quad ATF remote UI interface. With the unique concept of Quad ATF you are 100% in control and you will be able to see/control all testing devices from one place, regardless where your phones are located. #StayAtHome

Value Proposition

Accelerate your digital transformation and get the most value from your engineers.

Utilizing Quad ATF for automated testing will :

  • Increase your test team’s speed and efficiency
  • Improve test accuracy
  • Reduce risk and quickly remediate issues with immediate visibility into test results

The result is a reduction in go to market, testing time and work by more than 50% compared to traditional testing.

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