Spend less time testing and more time innovating

Who are we?

QUADIFIED is a global software company, working across borders – and systems. Test automation has never been more critical and we believe that anyone should be able to use a simple solution to automate repetitive, boring, and error-prone tasks to work better together.

“Spend less time testing and more time innovating”

What we do

We have developed a product for test automation which is completely codeless and can be used by anyone. We’re transforming work on a global scale. No-code test automation does more than speed up your release cycle, it empowers non-developers to automate tests with ease. We make testing easy by transforming complex manual testing into a simple graphical step by step solution.

Why us

Innovation – we developed our product from a customer point of view, hence, is  easy to use, intuitive and you create everything with a flick of a click.

Efficiency – Quad ATF is a product designed to forget about complex, code-based tech-lingo. Test cases are built with functional blocks that do all the hard work. You simply click drop down menu elements to capture and define the test cases.

The correct questions shouldn’t be “should I automate my test?”, it must be “how quickly can I see the benefits?”. Now your testing engineers can build automates test cases with ease. Say goodbye to repetitive, tedious testing and say HELLO to no-code test automation for communication services providers.

Improve productivity – Test automations isn’t about replacing people with a product. It’s about automating the boaring, repetitive, human error tasks that prevented your engineering’s to innovate new ways to increase your products and business. Quadified’s no-code testing product enable you to get to this point faster than any other test automation platform on the market.  

Our approach

Our testing product is fully cloud native, build with CI/CD practices to increase both feature flexibility and software quality by leveraging AWS capabilities. With this approach we are able to build, test and deploy features in a meter of days.