We change the way testing is done with our adaptive, easy-to-use
test engine orchestrator.

Forget about complex, code-based tech-lingo. Our products enable you to design automated tests with the flick of a click.






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You can create the test cases that you need for a functional end to end testing of your network  
Managing test cases has never been easier. You simply click drop-down menu elements to capture and define the test cases. 
And now it’s time for you to relax while Quadified runs the tests for you. You’ll have the results on your dashboard, email, and slack in no time. And then you just repeat.

Key Benefits

Global testing

Quad ATF is designed to be used in multiple locations and can be integrated in many different network environments. This allows operators to perform roaming tests, fraud detection or inter-operators test like never before. 

Faster time to market

Quad ATF provides the ability to execute tests 24/7 on multiple machines simultaneously, allowing complex and lengthy regression testing to be performed in a fraction of time. Upgrades are faster, and value-added enhancements will get to your customer faster. 

Save Time, NOT quality 

Save more than 50% of your testing time by running multiple test cases in parallel 24/7. 

Eliminate human-prone errors and optimize your time to market.  

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